Money Saving Tips

The number one and most important tip of all is:
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How to save money while in a restaurant:

  • Pass on the bread – Since many restaurants in Italy charge extra for bread without letting you know, you may wish to pass on the bread and return it.
  • Drink tap water – When ordering water in an Italian restaurant you will typically get expensive bottled water. The tap water is just fine.
  • Eat a Panini or Pizza – Perhaps not as nutritious as home made lunch, but hey, since you eat so well on the ship, you can easily go for those while on our tours and save big euros. Restaurants are expensive!
  • Find out the price of dishes – In order to avoid surprises and even when items look to you very basic (how much that bread can cost?) make sure you know what you pay for as anything arising at the end of the meal may ruin your day

Helpful tips while dining:

  • Latte is the Italian word for milk and if you order a ‘latte’, you may end up with a glass of milk. Order Café Latte to get what you want 🙂
  • Better not make special requests when ordering at a restaurant. Italians usually take things as listed on the menu and you don’t want to be the foreigner who asks for special items.
  • When browsing menus and deciding where to eat, pay attention to the “Il coperto” (cover charge). The cover charge varies from restaurant to restaurant (usually a few euros). This charge is often listed at the bottom of the menu. This way you won’t be surprised when you get the bill.

Helpful tips while sightseeing:

  • Make sure you dress appropriately when visiting a church in Italy. Keep the shoulders, knees and midriff covered. One place you’re sure to get the once-over is St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, so don’t even try to get in wearing shorts or a showing too much skin round the chest and stomach regions.
  • Turn off your mobile phone.
  • Stay alert while in the cities as theft, bag snatching and other petty crime is common. Theft is also common on trains – day and night, so keep your eyes peeled. Try to avoid carrying passports, credit cards, travel tickets and cash together in handbags or pockets. Only carry with you what you need for the day tour.
  • As in any big city, you should take precautions against having your money or passport stolen. Rome and Florence are the places that tourists most often report having their purse, camera, or passports and money stolen. Keep a close eye on your belongings. Don’t carry valuables in a pack on your back and avoid wearing expensive jewelry. Don’t carry more cash in your purse or main wallet than you’ll need for the day.